Feature Overview

Create the signup system you want with signups and polls.

Build a signup or poll page with your own header and table designs. Create member groups with controlled access or that anyone can join. Allow only certain groups to access signup pages. Add automated email messages for confirmation, reminders and other situations.

Set a time in advance for when a signup page template will be activated. A template can repeatedly be activated manually or automatically by scheduling.

Design your own forms to prompt your members for information when joining groups and taking or untaking volunteer positions in signup pages.

Add member variables to your groups to track things like volunteer hours worked.

Administrate templates, signups, and groups. Add members, take volunteer slots, untake slots, generate reports, send emails and more.

Create teams by selecting members from any group. Use teams to restrict certain volunteer positions to only the team. Automatic emails can also be sent to specific teams.

A more complete feature list.