Price - Pay 1¢ a take

Free trial available!

When you join, your first three signup sheets are free and you are given $5.00 of credit (500 free takes). This gives you the opportunity to try out The Signup Place sheets and experiment with all of its features. Going forwards, the first 50 takes are always free when you set up an event in the basic package.

A take is an available signup slot a member grabs on a signup page.

Each signup slot costs 1¢. It costs nothing to explore The Signup Place interface. When you become a member, you pay ONLY for what you use.

You pay for what you use

Basic signups are free for the first 50 takes. The basic signup allows members the option to take and untake. A basic signup can become enhanced with features such as messages, teams, take and untake forms, group variables, descriptors, and scheduling. Enhanced signups cost slightly more, paying for the first 50 taken slots.

You maintain a credit balance by loading credit onto the site, starting at $5.00. You must maintain a credit balance of one-third of the possible takes in the template you have designed to activate it into a signup sheet. The credit balance is permitted to go negative, which means signups will not stop at zero credits.

An agility club running 10 trials a season using the agility sample (enhanced) will pay a maximum of $11.10 a year if all the volunteer slots are taken. The church in the church service sample (enhanced) has a scheduled weekly signup (52 signups a year) for at most $20.80 a year. An agility club operates three giant trials a year with an enhanced signup sheet that has 810 available volunteer positions. They pay a maximum of $24.30 to manage all those volunteers each year.

The Enhanced signup includes all the site’s many product features. There are no monthly or yearly subscription costs. You pay only when a slot is taken. You never need to worry that your subscription will end in the middle of a signup. In most cases, the pricing offered by The Signup Place is much cheaper than the yearly fee of $60-$600 ($5 to $50 paid monthly) charged by other signup websites.

The number of possible takes is displayed on the properties page of each signup template. Your current credits are displayed on the top right in the administration interface. You can increase your credits by clicking on the credits amount.

The following table shows the costs associated with the basic signup and the enhanced signup.

Signup Take Count Basic Cost Enhanced Cost
1 Free
10 Free 10¢
50 Free 50¢
51 51¢
75 25¢ 75¢
100 50¢ $1
150 $1 $1.50
175 $1.25 $1.75
200 $1.50 $2
Each additional take Plus 1¢ Plus 1¢